How to use google dorks


 Just put dorks in google search bar and sites are listed and pick up the site and perform your desire operation

How to find only specific countries sites

If you find site only specific contries than you used dorks like this


So here pk for Pakistan sites and in  for Indian sites 
You can just changed than end of dorks and other countries sites appears

Global dork

This dork search all the site 

Little list of darks

inurl:index.php?id= inurl:news.php?id= inurl:pages.php?id= inurl:prod_detail.php?id= inurl:viewphoto.php?id= inurl:view.php?id= inurl:website.php?id= inurl:hosting_info.php?id= inurl:gery.php?id= inurl:detail.php?ID= inurl:publications.php?id= inurl:Productinfo.php?id= inurl:releases.php?id= inurl:produit.php?id= inurl:pop.php?id= inurl:shopping.php?id= inurl:productdetail.php?id= inurl:post.php?id= inurl:section.php?id= inurl:theme.php?id= inurl:page.php?id=


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