Auto group post script  

Today I'll show you how to post all facebook groups with single click. 
Using this method you can advertise your site,products and etc
I can't take your time much 
Lets come to the topic

Step1 : 
Login with your facebook id and stay on homepage
if you use firefox
than press Ctrl+Shift+K
if you use google chrome
than press F12

Step2 :
There is console appear box appear. so go to the below link

Download this script and paste it in the box
Ctrl+V for paste in console

click on the image for full screen

After paste script press enter than popup box appear press ok

Final step:
Write in the box what ever you want to post in all group than press post
than wait few second popup appear says refresh the page than refresh its all done

if you like my work please share it on your wall and comment below any problem or like my work thankx

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